Monday, 27 June 2011

Heros amongst Us.....

Today I received a rather broken-down version of a wonderful, inspiring story of Irena Sendler. It inspired me to research her story for full details.  It really is incredible. Here is the Wikipedia link:

It makes me wonder just how many heros are amongst us every day.  So many people who are NOT recognized for the small things they do.  So many people that step into dangers way to help us.  Take a moment to realize the heros in your life......think of ways you can be heros to others.

I'll share a poem I shared with my dad on Father's Day:
My hero is the quiet type,
No marching bands, no media hype,
But through my eyes it's plain to see,
A hero, God has sent to me.

With gentle strength and quiet pride,
All self-concern is set aside,
To reach out to his fellow man,
And be there with a helping hand.

Heroes are a rarity,
A blessing to humanity.
With all they give and all they do,
I'll bet the thing you never knew,
My hero has always been you.

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